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Boys Indoor Track Team Rules:

  1. Season Start/End Dates: Practice for the Burlington High School Indoor Track & Field team begins on Monday, December 1, 2008. The season runs from that day until the conclusion of all competitions, which could be as early as the final dual meet (February 13) or as late as New Englands (March 6). All athletes are expected to keep their schedule clear through the end of the season. The coaching staff will inform you when your season has concluded.
  2. Attendance Policy: Attendance at all practices, meetings, competitions, etc. is mandatory, unless excused by the coaching staff. On holidays, vacations, and other days with no school, assume that there is practice unless told otherwise by the coaching staff.
  3. Vacation Policy: It is expected that athletes will not go on vacation. But if family circumstances require it, a vacation request form must be submitted by November 26, per Athletic Department rules. For conditioning purposes, in most cases athletes will not be permitted to compete in meets until they have practiced as many days as they missed for vacation or other reasons. The coaches’ discretion, based on their assessment of the athlete’s preparedness to safely compete at top form, could shorten or lengthen the time required for conditioning.
  4. Practice Time: Practices usually begin at 2:30pm (except on non-school days as announced by the coaching staff). Generally practice will not run later than 5:00pm, but it may on occasion. Tardiness will not be tolerated except when the athlete comes with a signed note from a teacher with whom the athlete was meeting for extra help or other academic-related purposes.
  5. Absences: Any absence from practice, other than those on days when the athlete is absent from school, should be cleared with the coaching staff in advance. An unauthorized absence from practice will result in the athlete sitting out a meet.
  6. Post-Season: Athletes who qualify for post-season competition (e.g. State Meets) are expected to compete.
  7. Injuries: If you are injured, the head coach must be notified. You should continue to attend practices for a modified workout and meets, unless excused by the coach. If you see a doctor, you must submit a note from the doctor to the Athletic Trainer before you can resume practicing or competing.
  8. Equipment: Athletes are responsible for the proper care of equipment, their uniforms, locks and lockers.
  9. Commitment to the Team: Your responsibilities, in order of priority, are: (1) school, (2) track, (3) work/other activities. Adjust your schedule to meet the needs of the team.
  10. Non-compliance: Non-compliance with these expectations may result in dismissal from practice, meet suspensions, and finally dismissal from the team.